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sflow support on a Procurve 4208?

Eric Egger
Occasional Visitor

sflow support on a Procurve 4208?

hello i am working with a NE that has a 4208 running version L 10.23 and ROM 10.03

He just tried entering in the sflow command:
sflow 1 destination 6343

this came back as an invalid command. What does he need to do?

Matt Hobbs
Honored Contributor

Re: sflow support on a Procurve 4208?

The above command you tried only works on the 3500/5400/8200/6200 products. The 4200 does support sFlow but you can only set it via SNMP which is usually done by the sFlow application itself as long as it has the correct SNMP settings.

If the sFlow application cannot set it, you'll need to set it via SNMP yourself. I know this topic has been posted about before on this forum.