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sh cpu --> SNMP equivalent

Frequent Advisor

sh cpu --> SNMP equivalent

ok. i need to retrieve the 1/5s / 1m CPU load avg. from a bunch of procurves.

i can get the current CPU load via OID . (hpSwitchCpuStat.0) which is absolutely useless as this is just a current snapshot but not the average.

hpmpCPUEntry (from HP-MEMPROC-MIB) offers hpmpCPULoad1min / hpmpCPULoad5min / hpmpCPULoad15min but seems to be unsupported on every single switch i tried up to 8212zl series.

any ideas how to get the CPU load averages via SNMP on procurves?
Frequent Advisor

Re: sh cpu --> SNMP equivalent