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simple spanning tree config?

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simple spanning tree config?


I have a site running a 5308xl switch. We've had issues over the last week where an employee has created a network loop by connecting a wall jack into another with an rj45 cable.

Im wondering what would be the easiest method to implement spanning tree to limit the broadcast storm that came from this incident. My site has multiple switch, but none of them are cross connected.

I'm just looking to limit network loops caused by users.
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Re: simple spanning tree config?

hi Toronto

very simple commad prevent loop on network

(config)# spanning-tree

and [enter]


Re: simple spanning tree config?

In addition to STP you can also enable loop-protect. Not all devices forwards BPDU's and loop-protect uses another multicast address which all devices should forward.

Use it only on egde-ports/client-ports and not switch-switch ports; else you can block switches and make parts of your network unreacheble.
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Re: simple spanning tree config?

how can i enable loop protect?