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source routing with the procurve 4100

Chris Bullock_1
Frequent Advisor

source routing with the procurve 4100

we are/were a pretty small network. The routing was done by a Linux box running gig network cards using static routes. We have now started allowing a university direct access to our servers via a fiber link that transposes a hospital. University <--> Hospital <--> our office. My question is we now have a static route on our linux router box that allows traffic to and from the university via the hospital. Our problem is that the hospital is only allowing certain ports to transpose the link, upon our request. Here's the problem, now my users can not access the university services, web sites, mail, etc, because the hospital is blocking this activity, so the solution I think will be to implement source based routing, thus moving my Linux router interfaces to the appropiate VLAN on my 4100. The switch is doing some routing now, but in my ventures I see an option for source-routing:
HPProcurve4108(config)# ip source-route
I can not find any documentation that refers to this in the 4100, can someone point me in the right direction. I have 8 subnets/vlans in my network but I only want one to access the university via the hospital, how can I achieve this.
Matt Hobbs
Honored Contributor

Re: source routing with the procurve 4100

'ip source-route' is either enabled (default) or disabled, there is no other configuration that can be done with it.

It sounds like you may need policy based routing to bypass the hospital? The 4100 itself can't do policy based routing however.