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stacking Procurve 2824 ?

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stacking Procurve 2824 ?

Hi everybody,
I'm a new french user of this forum.
I'd like to connect a 2824 (Gigabit) to others switchs with a stack. The trouble is that I've no idea of the model of switch I can use: 2824, 2810,2510...? Can I melt different models ?
Using normally Cisco switchs,I'm not use to the HP functionnalities so I've got a lot of questions...lol
Should I upgrade my switchs to the same image to connect them with a stack?
If I stack 4 switchs, how will they react if one of them has a failure ?
Can I connect them whitout shutdown the others ? Which type of wire should I use to stack them ?.....

Someone can help me ?
Mohieddin Kharnoub
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Re: stacking Procurve 2824 ?


Stacking is very easy for you using the Menu interface on the Switch since you are not familiar with ProCurve CLI.

Firmware is should not be an issue for Stacking many switches together, but there are soem rules for connecting these switches and managing them as well.

The following link shall give you more than enough information, and its very clear:


If you needed more help, post it here so you can get help.

Good Luck !!!
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