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starved BPDUS

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starved BPDUS

Hi all,

what means the following error message on a HP 5406zl Switch:

looks like there is a stp loop or not?!

stp: CIST starved for a BPDU RX on port Trk1 from :

any ideas?



Re: starved BPDUS

it looks as if its expecting to receive BPDUs on trunk 1, is STP/MSTP/RSTP enabled on the other switch and s it the same variant of STP on both switches.

Re: starved BPDUS

I have a 2810 (48 ports) that has replaced a 2650. I'm now getting lots of "stp: CIST starved for a BPDU RX" log messages.

The 2600 was in a RSTP environment.
I've used force version to put the 2810 into RSTP mode (but it still has these errors).

Central I have 2x 5308xl as the root switches running RSTP.

Any idea why this new switch has this errors after it takes the place of the 2650?