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still having trouble with VLANs and the 1800 series

derek porter
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still having trouble with VLANs and the 1800 series

we have a 5304xl as our core layer-3 switch. we have multiple 2600 series switches. we have 6 vlans, ID's 1-6 (1 being the management).

on the 5304xl, we have tagged all ports that connect to the 2600's for all vlans. on the 2600's, we have the one port connected to the 5304 tagged for all vlans, and then we have various untagged ports to assign the devices connected to those ports to specific vlans.

i want to set up the 1800's the same way - have a tagged port on the 5304 for all 6 vlans, then have the port on the 1800 that connects back to the 5304 to be tagged as well. i would then like to untag the remaining ports depending on which vlan we want to assign to the connected device.

as many have said, doing this is a piece of cake on the 2600's. even after reading through the posts on this subject, i still cannot get it to work. admittedly, i'm a little new to all of this, so that's likely part of the problem. would someone mind going through the steps again for me? if you need any other info, please ask.

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Re: still having trouble with VLANs and the 1800 series

Wow, Derek, we had the same problem and find the next decision - on the both sides of interconnect link(5304xl and 1800-G) we made 1 VLAN untagged and all other VLAN are tagged. Additionally , we made untagged vlan as primary.And link works.