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stp between V1910 and E2910

Andrea Soster
Occasional Visitor

stp between V1910 and E2910

I'm going to deploy a fiber ring to a new building, and I'm thinking of that setup:

V1910-24G-POE V1910-24G-POE
\ /
E2910-24G + 4 FO gbic
/ \

As you can see 2 V1910 are going to be on a loop, so I think I need to setup stp for this to work.
Do you think it's going to be ok to mix "real" procurve with "3com" procurve? Or am I going to have problems with stp/vlans?

Another option would be to replace the V1910 with 2610-24G-POE + gbics, (a bit more expensive) what do you think?
Andrea Soster
Occasional Visitor

Re: stp between V1910 and E2910

I'm also evaluating the E4204-44G-4SFP vl Switch as a central node, do you think there's a difference with the E2910 (it's just 10% more expensive but gives me almost double gigabit ports)?