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strange behaviour with new 2650


Re: strange behaviour with new 2650

Hello Everybody,

I've just installed a new network with 2 5300XL "Core" Switches & 30 2626 "Edge" switches. The 5300 are L3 & the 2626 Layer2. All the switches use the last Firmware & are managed with Procurve Manager + 2.1

Everything worked fine & then I configured all the switches to use a SysLog. I've noticed that all the switches send a alert approx every 3 hours:
mgr: SME TELNET from - MANAGER Mode is the PCM 2.1 server address!

As a reply to another post, some switches are stacked & some other aren't, so it doesn't seem it's liked to that point! But by the way I have no messages about HP Address !

Any Idea???
Devon Dawson

Re: strange behaviour with new 2650

Unfortunately I don't have an explanation for the mystery "" IP address but with regard to the telnet sessions that JeanLouis Caire is seeing, that would appear to be PCM's regularly scheduled discovery cycle. PCM uses SNMP as well as Telnet to access the device and retrieve the various pieces of information that it requires for updating its device configuration, status and network topology database. You can of course configure telnet passwords or SSH on the device and PCM to ensure that this communication is secured.

Occasional Advisor

Re: strange behaviour with new 2650

I know this is an old tread, but try "show session-list" to find an active rogue connection and try end it.