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switch does not see IP, devices do

Occasional Contributor

switch does not see IP, devices do

I have a weird issue with a procurve 5406 switch that does not see an IP address in the same VLAN while other devices do.

Location A
Has the procurve 5406, on vlan-10 is the gateway

Location B
Has an IP with

Some tests/observations:
- On the 5406 I see the IP address and it has a correct MAC address.

- Basically all traffic in the same subnet works, but the 2 gateways (10.232 and 10.225) do not see each other

- All devices in location A can ping the IP(gateway) in location B ( except 5406, that cannot ping anything in location B.

- All devices in location B can ping any address in the 192.168.10/24 segment on location A except for the gateway ( therefore devices in location B cannot ping devices in location A that are not in this segment/ VLAN.

- The setup worked the past 4 months, since this morning it doesnt.
Occasional Contributor

Re: switch does not see IP, devices do

Currently it's working again without changes made by any person.

As the ARP table was correct I don't think it is a ARP refresh.