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switch ports dying during Ignite install

Samuel Scott
Frequent Advisor

switch ports dying during Ignite install

After booting my server using an Ignite tape, all 4 switch ports go dead. Resetting the ports and re-running ignite and all is ok. I have upgraded the firmware as per EMC recommendation, but the problem persists.

Anyone have any idea why switches would go dead? I can't see where ignite is related, but that appears to be the only time it occurs.

I have other windows server s attached to this SAN thru the same brocade switches that don't experience problems.
EMC Clariion CX3-40 Storage array
2 x brocade DS220 FC switches (16 active ports fully populated)
RP7410, 11.23 (also occurred on 11.11)
4 x HP A6795A FC
11.23.0809 FC driver version (PHKL_36143)
Samuel Scott
Frequent Advisor

Re: switch ports dying during Ignite install

No solution