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switch upgradation with vrrp

Gurbinder Singh
Occasional Contributor

switch upgradation with vrrp

while uprgarding the firmware on switch with vrrp installed what could be the best practice.

will it be alright to make the master server as backup sever by changing the priority and install the updates and reboot the switches.

or just to disconnect the switch from the network and do it as backup will take the master role and user connectivity will not be disabled and reboot the switch.

still we need to disable VRRP or not.

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Re: switch upgradation with vrrp

hi gurbinder

you could always lower the priority of the master to less than the backup (don't forget to save before reboot and change back after procedure)

you should only lose connectivity to the switch when it reboots to load from the new firmware - during that time your backup should take over.