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tagging vlans with wireless bridges

Chris Bullock_1
Frequent Advisor

tagging vlans with wireless bridges

I have a unique scenario where I have 2 locations connected via wireless bridges. Here is the scenario.
Site A and Site B both have 2 vlans, vlan 100 and 200. If the wireless devices are merely bridges will it break anything if I tag the uplink ports with vlan 100 and 200 on each side of the wireless?
cenk sasmaztin
Honored Contributor

Re: tagging vlans with wireless bridges

hi Chris

you want two location between cerate wireless bridge network and carry two vlan
but for point to point wireless network one ssid you create access point and one ssid one vlan tag or untag member.there for you create two ssid for bridge network

frist ssid for vlan 100 untag second ssid for vlan 200 tag member
this process you make two location and attach for access point ethernet port on switch you create each switch one port vlan 100 untag vlan 200 tag member

good luck.