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the requirement of pre-port vlans

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the requirement of pre-port vlans

we have a customer whom is the hotel supervisor, the hotel changed the management company, the new management company setup a new account Gateway. now they need all of switch must support per-port vlan.because that the hotel need config every guest room for only one vlan, totally guest rooms are almost 250.

but we get the problem right now, you can check the attachment layout. we have hp5304 and stacking group of 2524. 5304 support max 256 vlans, 2524 support max 32 vlans, there are 3 stacking group, that's means we need config 80 vlans for each stacking-group at least.but as the stacking-group master switch is 2524, it support only 32 vlans, how can we config all of 80 vlans tagged to the uplink port ?

is there other option to deal with this issue without change the original layout and eqiupment ?


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Mohieddin Kharnoub
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Re: the requirement of pre-port vlans


When a hotel asks for a huge number of Vlans, it means he is doing a charge on the Guests based on a VLAN ID, and that is an old fashion.

Now the new Billing Boxes and softwares uses the SNMP and a kind of port mapping for each room.

In your case you have a problem and there many ways to do it.

One fact before we start: each uplink should carries all the Vlans.

Now if you need all the Vlans on each Stack member (each 2500 switch) then its a problem and you can do it.

The best thing is to distribute the 80 Vlans on the Stack where each Switch carries 30 Vlans MAX.

Now for the first stack you need another 2 Uplinks so in total 3 uplinks from first stack each can carry up to 30.

You may have no spare cores in your fiber, in this case a small switch like 2626 for each stack can solve the problem.

Good Luck !!!
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Re: the requirement of pre-port vlans

thanks very much!