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time sync with a Win2000 server ?

Occasional Advisor

time sync with a Win2000 server ?


Is there a way to configure a 2524 Pro curve to sync with a Windows 2000 server on the lan for the time ?

I tryed to setup :
Time Sync Method [None] : TIMEP
TimeP Mode [Disabled] : Manual
Server Address : (IP of the win2k time synchronisation server)

In my logs, i get that error :
I 01/01/90 00:26:37 timep: can't reach time server

Thanks for your help.
Stuart Teo
Trusted Contributor

Re: time sync with a Win2000 server ?

You should be using SNTP(unicast). Try that. Make sure that you have your W2K server set up as a time server.
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Re: time sync with a Win2000 server ?

Well, my computer are synchronized with my domain controller quite good, i hope it will be ok too for the switch.

I just applyed what you told me, but maybe will the time sync be done in a later moment ?

is there a way to force it ? i didn't find a way in the menu to ste the time...
Occasional Advisor

Re: time sync with a Win2000 server ?

ok, i found it in cli reference guide...

but if you know how to sync it with a win2k domain controller, i'd be happy ;-))