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toptools 5.6 shows no images

Michael McCormack_1
Occasional Contributor

toptools 5.6 shows no images

I was able to install toptools 5.6 after a lengthy negotiation with the previously partially installed version ;). This version (5.6) has the main page com up with image placeholders in the important parts. The main page has three sections wiuth links that I can see and select but the upper left "frame" is a placeholder as is any displays that should contain data on following pages. My first thought is eithe Java or ActiveX problems but exactly what runs those parts and shouldn't that have been installed too?

Re: toptools 5.6 shows no images

I had this prob too. I fixed it by changing the Internet Options\Security\Local Intranet then after the Default option is selected - slide the bar down to the bottom then Apply. Then go into Custom Level and Enable the Download unsigned ActiveX controls and also Enable the Initialise and script ActiveX controls not marked safe options. Hope this is of use.
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