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hi i ha2 10 swithes hp:

2 core 2848
6 2624
1 1810 g

i have a san iscsi so i set 2 core swithes with 4 inters-link trunked for the vlan default 1 and iscsi 130 (no stacking) .But i set also each switch to user, printer, workstation with 1 trunked link LACP (2 port) , 1 link to each core swithes and i see that i have no problem of loops without stp enable in my net.WHY this??i have loop if i split the 2 ports in 2 trunks , so 1 to 1 trk .

how can i set for redundancy (1 core go down)to all other swithes ??

is this fine without stp enabled??

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Re: trunking

hi i try with less, no answer i see:

i reed manuale and guide, no example of this situation. if i have 2 core swithes 2848 with 4 inter-links trunk and i want to link each to other edge switch like 2624 poe and not, HOW can do that if i want core swithc failure redundant and no STP enable.
last firmware.

i 'm testing with 2 ports LACP from a 2624 to 2 trk each core switch 2848, i have no loop but i do not know if is the fine setting

some help please...sorry for english
Pieter 't Hart
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Re: trunking

a trunk of multiple ports behave as a single link to spanning-tree, so no loop occurs.

whan you connect the two ports of this trunk that worked fine on a single switch
to two different core-switches, a LACP-trunk is NOT is not allways formed/supported.

look in the specs of your 2848 for "distributed trunking".
I don't thik is is supported on this model.

From the filename of this document : switches that do support this are 3500-5400-6200-6600-8200.

You probably cannot configure the desired redundancy without using spanning-tree.

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Re: trunking

thanks , i saw and tested, no stp in all switch, with my 2 2848 that situation:i tested also a 4 ports trk(1810 trk to the two 2848 2+2 trunks ) and i see no collision and no loop.
if i unplug 1 links between the 1 core and the edge switch i see only 1 ping lose, if i unplug the last link , i see 3-4 ping lose but after the packets flow correctly trought the other switch core (also trought 4 interlink trunk 1 to 1 between cores)
So for that reason , my ask was WHY also if i suppose i do note have distribuited lacp links???

i note also a bug in trunking of the HP ProCurve 1810G - 24 GE, P.1.17, eCos-2.0
i create a vlan , i create a lacp trk with partecipating ports, after that if i change vlan ports setting , i must re-set lacp and trk setting, beacuse changes itself.
many hours before my trk with tag vlan was ok in this switch.