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Re: unsupported transceiver 2610

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unsupported transceiver 2610


Got a weird problem with a gbic transceiver and a 2610. Device info:

Switch 2610-48-PWR J9089A
Firmware: R.11.54
Multimode GBIC: part no J4858C

log shows self test failure:

05/31/11 22:00:29 FFI: Port 52 self test failure
05/31/11 22:00:56 ports: port 52 xcvr hot-swap remove.

show tech transceivers shows that its "unsupported"

Transceiver Technical Information:
Port # | Type | Prod # | Serial # | Part #
51 | 1000SX | J4858C | MY049VM6F5 | 1990-3657
52 | ?? | ?? | unsupported |

The following transceivers have extra information:
Port # Message
-------- -------------------------------------
Port 52 Self test failure.

Port 51 has the exact same part in it and when moved to Port 52 it works. That GBIC is a little older (was installed 6 months) and I recently got a new batch - I've tried 3 'new' ones and all of them exact same problem. I also had a brand new 2610 all 'new' GBICs same problem - when I try the same 'new' GBICs on a 6200 they work.

I'm wondering if anyone else has experienced this issue?


Re: unsupported transceiver 2610

Are you positive the ones from the new batch are legitimate HP units and not counterfeit? The 2600/2610 switches stopped accepting non-HP SFPs starting with software released a few years ago. Your software verion is pretty recent and would have that "protection" enabled. I don't know anything about 6200s, and you didn't post the software version you're running on that switch, so perhaps that software still allows any SFP.


Re: unsupported transceiver 2610

Hi Steve

I am pretty sure they are 'real' - we've always used this supplier. Although I am unsure as how to find out for sure (I will be opening a case with HP support)

Do you happen to know in which release this 'counterfeit protection' was introduced in? I'm interested to see if these GBIC's will work on older firmware releases.

As for the 6200 - firmware is K.13.66m (Sept 2009 rel.)

Thanks for the interest.

Re: unsupported transceiver 2610

It looks like the counterfeit SFP detection was introduced on the 2600 switches in release H.08.98. http://www.hp.com/rnd/software/j4900898.htm
That was posted in June of 2006 (a little longer ago then I thought). I beleive the 2610 switches were released a year or two later, so they probbaly had the counterfeit detection since their release. I did some searching and didn't see any reference to it being added at a later time.
You should try the latest software incase there's something in there that fixes it (didn't notice anything ina quick skim of the release notes).
If it still doesn't work then you should contact support. Perhaps there was a manufacturing change made on the latest SFPs and the software doesn't detect them properly.

Re: unsupported transceiver 2610

so far I've upgraded to the R.11.70 and still same result - i know they got 11.72 now.. i might as well try it out..

if HP has anything interesting to say I'll add to the post - thanks for your help!
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Re: unsupported transceiver 2610

Just drop a email to procurve support adn get them to verify the serial numbers of the transceiver
If they are real , it can eb entitle. if not pcitures of the transciever need to be send for verification.