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upgrading firmware on 5406zl

Stuart Pace
Occasional Contributor

upgrading firmware on 5406zl

Hi - I am getting a bit tied up in knots in trying to flash a 5406zl with the latest K_14.74.swi file.
I am currently running K_11.41. I have been advised to the following upgrade path:

1) Load software K.11.69 to upgrade the Boot ROM to K.11.03.
2) Load software K.12.62 to upgrade the Boot ROM to K.12.12.
3) Save the configuration file to TFTP, perform an ‘erase start’.
4) Load software K.13.79 to upgrade the Boot ROM to K.12.17.
5) Restore the configuration saved from TFTP
6) Load K.14.74.

I am concerned because this is our core switch, and if I perform an erase start I won't be able to contact our remote tftp server. Is there any way I can backup and restore a .cfg file using XModem, and if so, how?
My plan was to connect a laptop via serial port to the switch in order to flash it, erase start, and restore the cfg file from the laptops local drive, as step 3 above.
Presumably (forgive my ignorance) TFTP will not work across a serial connection.
Putty doesn't seem to have xmodem support.
Hyperterminal does but I don't know how to get it working.
Anyone have any idea of how I can get this sorted?
Frequent Advisor

Re: upgrading firmware on 5406zl

You have various options for transferring the saved config back to the switch:.

1. TFTP. Instructions are in the Mgmt and Config Guide (http://preview.tinyurl.com/2ajzbb4) beginning on page 6-35 .

2. X-modem. Instructions are at the same location that I mentioned in #1, above.

3. Restore the config through ProCurve Manager. See the Administrator's Guide (http://preview.tinyurl.com/2g6ksob), beginning on page 12-45.

Jaap Laaij
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Re: upgrading firmware on 5406zl

TFTP will not work through serial interface.
Just put an RJ45 cable between your laptop and switch and give your laptop an ip-address in the subnet your switch has.
On the 5406 you have three slots to put config files in > show config files.
conf# copy config config(1) config save.cfg
You could also tftp the config to your laptop if you have an tftp srevr installed on it like from Solarwinds (free).
The latest firmware is K15.002