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switch 1, 3500yl
switch 2, 2626

port 1 of switch 1 is connected to port 1 of switch 2

switch 2 all ports can talk each other.
but switch 2, port 10 can talk with swith 2 port 10 only, how can i do this?
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Re: urgent

i dont want VLAN
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Re: urgent

what kind of cable are you using to interconnect switches? direct or crossover?

are all pc's connected by switch 1 and 2 with same network and network mask?
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Re: urgent


If you mean:
Whatever connected to port 10 Switch1 can talk to whatever connected to port 10 Switch2 only,

In this case you need a simple ACL in the 3500 to this job.

For ACLs on the 3500, check this:

But on the 2600 you don't have ACLs, but
you can have IP lockdown utility that enables you to restrict incoming traffic on a port to a specific IP address/subnet and deny all other traffic on that port.

for port security on the 2600 check this:

There is another simple way /trick,
use for both devices connected to port 10 on switch1 and switch2 a dedicated IP/Subnet different from the one used for your network, but this will not work if you need to access some other resources bu these devices.

Good Luck !!!
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Re: urgent

2 switches are connected using a bridge, all pcs have same subnet mask