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using snmp to identify uplink port on 5308 and 4108

mack ragan_1
Occasional Contributor

using snmp to identify uplink port on 5308 and 4108

I have some php scripts that use SNMP to search a group of switches for a particular client's MAC address, with a goal of manipulating some of the interface's characteristics (vlan membership, adminstatus, etc.). The problem: occasionally the MAC will be found on an uplink interface. Typically the uplinks are fiber module interfaces (a1, a2, etc.), but sometimes they are simply one of the ports on a standard 24-port RJ45 module (d24, g10, etc.). Does anyone know of OID(s) that could help me distinguish between uplinks and regular ports?

Kell van Daal
Respected Contributor

Re: using snmp to identify uplink port on 5308 and 4108

You could try using the dot1dTpFdbPort variable. It is the OID for the MAC-addres forwarding table. If multiple instances exist with the same port, than that port is an uplink (or at least has multiple mac-addresses connected).

Or if you have CDP running on all your network switches and stuff, you could try any of the cdpCache variables like: cdpCacheAddressType
If the port is directly behind it (like cdpCacheAddressType.1.etc (1 is the portnumber here)), it is connected with a cdp enabled device. In most circumstances this would be another switch or router. But if you know your network environment, you should know what devices talk CDP.

A clear OID to query that will return a different value for being an uplink or not does not exist to my knowledge.