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vlan e trunk

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vlan e trunk

I have to configure a network with a hp5308xl (site to ip address and 2 hp2626 (site b and c fiber optics. I am given the right configuration to be able to configure the vlan and trunk?
cenk sasmaztin
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Re: vlan e trunk


what for you make tree network
per switch?

you want make create vlans on your system and carry all vlans same fibre or copper link.

what you make?


cenk sasmaztin
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Re: vlan e trunk

can you make create vlans right config on this switch for local network

for 5300 create 3 vlans and assign untag and tag port (untag port member this vlan tag port carry information this vlan
5300(config)#vlan 1
5300config(vlan1)#ip address
5300config(vlan1)#untag a1-a24,b1
5300config(vlan1)#tag b1,b2,b3
5300config(vlan1)#vlan 2
5300config(vlan2)#ip address
5300config(vlan2)#untag c1-c24,b2
5300config(vlan2)#tag b1,b2,b3
5300config(vlan2)#vlan 3
5300config(vlan3)#ip address
5300config(vlan3)#untag d1-d24,b3
5300config(vlan3)#tag b1,b2,b3

on switch b1-b2-b3 interfaces connect edge switch fibre port and carry all vlan information same port.

can you make ip routing enable on 5300 for vlans associate with routing

for edge switch example on run two vlan
2626(config)vlan 1
2626config(vlan1)#untag 1-10
2526config(vlan1)#tag 26(between with 5300 uplik fibre)
2626config(vlan1)#vlan 2
2626config(vlan2)#untag 11-20
2626config(vlan2)#tag 26(between with 5300 uplink fibre)

no need assign edge switch vlan interface ip address this switch carry int 26 all vlan info. with(802.1q)

for more info 802.1q

can you make sperate between vlans routing you create ACL's on 5300 switch

can you make all vlans associate internet you write ip routing on 5300 and internet router

5300(config)#ip route ip internet router ethernet interface and untag vlan 1 member)

you make write this command internet router

if you not want associate vlan internet not write ip route command

I hope understand :)

good luck.