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vlan issues. [noobie]

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vlan issues. [noobie]


I have a HP 3400cl and ive been playing with it to learn HP products. I'm fairly new to networking and my work asked me to brush up on it.

Here my home setup witch i think is the issue.

Linksys home router (
Some switch (the home network, PC's etc..)
the HP (port 1xover to above switch

OK so i made a new vlan 797 and assiged it to port 15 with the address

switch# show vlans 797

Status and Counters - VLAN Information - Ports - VLAN 797

802.1Q VLAN ID : 797
Name : vlan_797
Status : Port-based
Voice : No
Jumbo : No

Port Information Mode Unknown VLAN Status
---------------- -------- ------------ ----------
15 Tagged Learn Up

Now i can ping from the switch and (home uplink) but i cant ssh into the switch nor ping the internet, if i do a trace route to i get

switch# traceroute
traceroute to ,
1 hop min, 30 hops max, 5 sec. timeout, 3 probes
1 Trace failed: Network is unreachable on this VLAN.
* Trace failed: Network is unreachable on this VLAN.

I guessing i have port1 not setup correct now, but im able to ping the switch from my PC (

Any clue how/what im doing wrong?
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Re: vlan issues. [noobie]


SSH won't work till you enable it. Consult the manual on this. Also, tagging the VLAN implies that the gear connected to it has to tag the same VLAN on it's part (connected to port 15).

What does your routing table look like? Did you add a default gateway? From the setup it would seem that you might try this on the HP - if you want the switch to be able to reach Internet:

(config)# ip default-gateway

I trust that you have an IP on the switch in the same subnet, attached to a VLAN untagged on port 1.
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Re: vlan issues. [noobie]

In normal operation you don't reaaly need to assign IP addresses to VLAN interfaces, unless you need to perform routing on that very routing switch, or you want to reach it for management purposes (in which case I would recommend assignment of the IP to the Default_VLAN)

You might want to use this, instead of your "default gateway"

ip route

This might not interfere with the routing processes as much as the "default gateway" option.