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vlan routing issue

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vlan routing issue

Thanks I have fixed the issue. Threw out the configs and started over

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Re: vlan routing issue

DOn't take this the wrong way, but that is a truly horrible design.


You have 3 routers on VLAN1 AND a whole load of access-layer devices.

Your switches have IP routing enabled but don't have default routes.


I would go back to the drawing board - you need to decide:

 - Does your router perform your "Core" inter-VLAN routing functions


 - Is your router only an "Edge" device.


Personally, I would use Switch A as the "Core":

 - Home all VLANs on Switch A.

 - disable routing on all other switches.

 - Remove VLAN 1 address from router

 - create point-to-point link between Switch A & Router

 - put default route on Switch A pointing at router


Even better, get two layers switches, l,ink them both to the router, enable VRRP and have some "Core" redundancy that way.