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vlan tagged mode

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vlan tagged mode

i have a question about vlan tagging. is there a command to tag all vlan on the switch to a port. ex;"set port vlan-binding-mode 1/3 bind-to-configured on avaya swithes".this makes my job very easy.
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Re: vlan tagged mode

If you mean to bind all ports in a range to a VLAN yes there is.

At prompt type config then vlan x. Vlan x being the VLAN you wish to bind to.

Then type tag 1-24 for example to tag all ports from 1-24.

If you are running a module system remember to include the alphabetic number before the port for example tag e1-e24.

Write to memory (write mem) and you're done. TO confirm do a write terminal.

Or use the menu command, then option 2 then option 8 then option 3. You can add it easy in there although I prefer the CLI.
Mohieddin Kharnoub
Honored Contributor

Re: vlan tagged mode


If you want to tag multiple ports to a specific Vlan, then you can do this in one command:

Switch(config)# vlan 100 tag A1-C24

If you want to tag multiple Vlans to one port at a single command, then you can't.

but in this case you can have a ready config template and run it on the switch by many ways:

- Connect by Console or Telnet and paste the config.
- If you have a new switch with no config, then run a DHCP service and assign an attribute to load the config from a tftp server running somewhere - Cool :)

Good Luck !!!

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Chris Stave

Re: vlan tagged mode

From what I can tell from poking around on a 2600 for a while, there isn't a way to do the following easily:

If a vlan is in use on this switch, allow that vlan and 802.1Q tag it on port XX

of course, you can always get a list of the VLANS and issue a series of
vlan 1 tagged 49
vlan 2 tagged 49
vlan 3 tagged 49
vlan 660 tagged 49

At that point I don't know if you'd still call your job very easy, though.