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I am having a cisco 3750 switch in which 2 vlans are configured: vlan2 and vlan3. Ports 1 to 11 are in vlan2 and port 12 in vlan3. The ports in vlan 2 is connected to the hosts and port 12 (vlan3) is connected to Cisco Pix 535 and to the server farm. How is it possible to get the connection done between the hosts and servers in this scenario ? How I can establish the communication between the two vlans ?

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Mohieddin Kharnoub
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Re: vlan


Basic Configuration:
First of all, from the Switch side, you should enable IP Routing on the switch, and so all Vlans on the switch can talk to each other on L3 basis.

If your server farm is connected to the PIX and from the PIX to port 12 on the switch (and i think this is your scenario), then on the PIX you need a Security Policy to allow traffic between LAN (Vlan2) and DMZ (Server Farm).

Additional Configuration:
- You can use some ACLs to help you implement any additional security on the switch but its not recommended for the traffic between the LAN (Vlan2) and the DMZ (Vlan3).

- You can add a static routes for Servers because the PIX probably will NAT your traffic from the LAN to the DMZ, say your Web server on and the PIX IP from Vlan3 (port12) is , then you should add on the switch :
ip route

- If this PIX is again is your Gateway to the internet, so another interface on the PIX connects to the Internet Router, then you need a default route on the switch,
ip route (same ip of the PIX interface connected to port12 - vlan3)

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Mohieddin Kharnoub
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Re: vlan

I forgot to say that on your PIX you should add a static route for Vlan2, so Vlan2 traffic knows its way back fro mthe PIX to the Switch.

Good luck
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