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vlans and static routes 2610

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vlans and static routes 2610

Hello There,

i am trying to create 2 vlans(one for data and one for voice) on a hp 2610 switch so both networks can access the internet. i am using a snapgear SG310 router for internet access. i so far have the following config:

Startup configuration:

; J9086A Configuration Editor; Created on release #R.11.25

hostname "ProCurve Switch 2610-24/12PWR"
ip default-gateway
ip routing
snmp-server community "public" Unrestricted
vlan 1
untagged 1-12,25-28
ip address
no untagged 13-24
vlan 2
name "Voice"
untagged 13-24
ip address

data network is
voice network is on
internet router is

i just want to be able to ping from any ip address in the range

i have created static routes within the router, but just cant seem to ping

ip route, this one didnt work so i tried
ip route, but still no luck.

thank you for you time.
Mark Wibaux
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Re: vlans and static routes 2610

What gateway do you have your devices on the network set to? They should be set to

On the switch you will also have to set a default route (default-gateway is not the same thing).

ip route

Your router will need only a route for the network and this will be
ip route
which tells it to get to the voice network via the HP switch.

The other things to check is does you router allow pings to its IP address. Can you ping it from the switch?
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Re: vlans and static routes 2610

yep, all devices on have GW

i added the static route of into my hp switch

added static route in router

for some reason i still cant ping between networks.I can ping but cant ping any other ip address on the network.
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Re: vlans and static routes 2610

can you ping the devices on the other vlan ont the switch ??

if yes, if the pinging is down between one client on once vlan to a client on the other vlan then it's a router configuration issue.

Then what configuration did you do on the router, did you make sub-interfaces for each vlan on the router ?
try to configure sub-interfaces on the router for each vlan and assing ip address to these interfaces from the vlans, then make sure that these ip addresses are the default gatways for these vlans.
Mark Wibaux
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Re: vlans and static routes 2610

As you now have a default route in your switch, set a device on your data network to have a default gateway of the switch ( This will eliminate your router from the equation. Now try ping from the voice network to the device you changed the gateway on (and also the other way round).
If this works then you have a problem with your router and need to investigate its configuration OR bypass the router all together and set all your devices to use the switch as the default gateway.