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vlans over switches and trunking

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vlans over switches and trunking

I am usin models HP procurve 2626 and 3400. Upper rows of RJ45 connectors are configured as untagged vlan 2 on both switches as also are all lower row connectors configured as untagged members of vlan 3 on both switches. Ports 25 and 26 are ignored on switch 2626 and on 3400 ports 21,22 are in vlan 2 and 23,24 are in vlan 3. default vlan is not in use except for managment use.

switch 2626 ports 21,23(vlan 2) are trk1 and ports 22,24(vlan 3) are trk2 and both are in there respective vlans consisting of which row they are on, upper or lower.

switch 3400 21,22 are trk1(vlan 2) and 23,24 are trk2(vlan 3).

both trunk groups are connected to each other respectivly.

So Im trying to install my 2626 switch in our network and then forwarding this network into switch 3400 via trunk links, each trunk group(trk1, trk2) carrieing bandwith to corresponding vlan(vlan 2=trk1, vlan 3=trk2)
bear with me.

now I put a "active" cable so to speak, which has an internet connection to my 2626 switch vlan 2(upper row connectors) and another to vlan 3(lower connectors. Now the bandwith should transfer through vlan´s to trunk links on vlans, threw trunks to other switch(3400) and to relative vlans as on that switch, reaching any computers etc.

I was working today and I got vlan 2 to work, so that on switch 2626 when I attached an internet connection to vlan 2, I could get it on switch 3400 on vlan 2, ofcourse. but then, if I connected a connection to vlan 3 on switch 2626, not only did it not work on the other switch, it somehow made the whole connection not work AT ALL for a while, but then aftetr somewhat it came back.

How can I get this to work? Am i way out of my league? whats wrong? obviously I need right ip´s from the network im working in, but what ip´s should I use(some examples) in general, how do they relate, etc. Do i need ip routing on both switches? what about default gateways on switch 3400, which is receiving bandwith from other switch, 2626?

I attached picture of switch 3400 so you can see what ports Im using. if you dont know what is looks like, google hp procurve 2626, cause I coulndt atttach it. Apologies for the lack of technical jargon.