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hi all
Can someone point me in the right direction with this one?i have 1 core 8200zl and 18 switch sw 2650 the clients directly connected to voip telephone the pcs take ip from voip gatway dhcp , not from my dhcp for client

i make data vlan 5 as untagged for all ports
and all ports are tagged for voice

the configuration for core and swich
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Re: voip

what is the vlan that you are using for voice ?

where is the voip gateware dhcp?
where is the dhcp for the clients ?
what is the tag status for both of them and on which vlans ?

Normaly you should tag the ports on voice vlan and untag on the data vlan, this should work right and the voip dhcp must be on the voice vlan, this way the traffic for the voice will be tagged on the ports and the PC will not recongnize it. so only the ip phone will recognize the tag, and the pc will handle the untag traffic for the data vlan.