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xrrp configuration vlan tagging

need help on xrrp
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xrrp configuration vlan tagging

help anyone currently our client have 12 vlans

and they are using (2 units 3400cl)

this 2 unit of 3400cl as of now acts as a core

going to 2824(distribution switch)
my question is

if i configure the xrrp on both of the 3400cl

can i use vlan tagging on a single port
need your reply asap thanks

Mohieddin Kharnoub
Honored Contributor

Re: xrrp configuration vlan tagging


If i did understand your question then:

in fact, XRRP is used for L3 redundancy as Virtual Gateway on the Routing Switches.

Once its configured properly, both Cores will act as ONE unit.

L2 Vlans can still be configured any where, including Tagging.

Good Luck !!!
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need help on xrrp
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Re: xrrp configuration vlan tagging

hi attached my configuration and see if this configuration will work the trunk ports of both switches will go to the distribution switch

all vlans are tagged to trunk ports