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xrrp on two 3400cl that are meshed

Jason Steig
Occasional Contributor

xrrp on two 3400cl that are meshed

Will XRRP work on two meshed switches? If I have a normal XRRP configuration on two meshed switches, if one switch link fails on one of the switches down to the LAN will XRRP failover to the other link as it should? I don't think it will because the stack has made it one switch.
Mohieddin Kharnoub
Honored Contributor

Re: xrrp on two 3400cl that are meshed


If switch meshing (HP ProCurve L2 protocol) enabled on a switch, then routing can;t be enabled - L3.

However, you can still interconnect all your switches and enable spanning tree like MSTP in a full mesh topology and run XRRP.

Good Luck !!!
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