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3Сom SuperStack 3 4226T switch replacing

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3Сom SuperStack 3 4226T switch replacing

Hi there! I bought four 3Com SuperStack 3 4226T switches many years ago. I made a stack. Now I need to replace one of these switches, because some ports don't work on it. But this model is legacy. I need a gurantee , that new switch will work in stack robustly with others my old switches. What model do you advise me to buy?

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Re: 3Сom SuperStack 3 4226T switch replacing

Hello! I work in a public organization. I need to replace some 3Com SuperStack 3 4226T that until are in warranty, but I don't know what to do, since HP bought 3com. Earlier I did everything from 3com website without any problem. Now I tried to HP website, but all my tries failed. Someone can help me? Forgive for my English. I was born and live in Brazil. Thanks.