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3COM 3C16440

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3COM 3C16440


my customer has a broken switch 3COM 3C16440 equipped with the 3C12065 Fiber Optic Transceiver module.


- In any case, is the lifetime warranty still valid? Do we have to contact HP for repair?

- It's possible to reuse the old 3COM Transceiver in a new HP switch?

- It's possible to buy a new HP switch with an HP Transceiver that works with the existing fiber optic without have to change the cables/plugs or the transceiver on the other end of the line?


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Re: 3COM 3C16440

Support for 3Com products is still the same at this time. You would either go through the 'esupport.3com.com' or contact the same support numbers you have always been using.


I suspect your product isn't covered but it can never hurt to call and confirm.


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Re: 3COM 3C16440

3Com support http://h10148.www1.hp.com/services/contactSupport.html


The 3Com transceiver to my knowledge does not fit in any ProCurve switch due to the formfactor nor is it supported.

If I'm not misstaken it's a 10BaseFL with ST connection, and regarded as old technology. There will be no HP Networking units that support this transceiver or speed.

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Re: 3COM 3C16440

Thank you guys.

So I think that the only thing to do is to contact 3Com support in order to repair the old switch.