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3Com 4400 (3C17204) Rebooting

Duncan Phillips
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3Com 4400 (3C17204) Rebooting

Hi, First post so please be gentle.


We have a rack in one location with a mixture of 3Com switches feeding different networks. One area is fed from 7 * 3Com 4400's which each have their own Gigibit ethernet (via a 1000BaseT card in the 4400) link to a 3Com 4900 which in turn has a single Gigabit ethernet link to one of our core Cisco 6500 routers. Our problem is that about half of these 3Com 4400's are rebooting themselves every morning around the same time. The 4900 and the other 4400's don't reboot.All the switches are running the latest software updates available for that model.


I've had the power checked by our Buildings Maintainance people and even moved the switches onto a UPS supply but they still reboot each morning!


Anyone any ideas apart from replacing each of the switches that's rebooting.


Thanks in advance