Switching and Routing

3Com S-Switches


3Com S-Switches

I have installed Managed Engine from Zoho to monitor 3Com network switches via SNMP.  Zoho believes I am not using the correct OID numbers for the switches and is the reason why the monitoring probe does not return some of the data.  I disagree because I do receive some monitoring data.  Would someone let me know if the below OID’s are correct or not correct for each switch.


3Com S4210 9-Port       

3Com S4210 PWR 9-Port

3Com S4400                   

3Com S4500G-24          

3Com S4500G-24-PWR

3Com S4500G-48          

3Com S4500G-48-PWR

3Com S4800G 24-Port  

3Com S4800G 48-Port  

3Com S5500-28-EI        

3Com S5500-28-PWR-EI

3Com S5500-28-SI        

3Com S5500-52-EI        

3Com S5500-52-PWR-EI

3Com S5500-52-SI        

3Com S5500G-24          

3Com SW8807               

3Com Switch 4510G-48



Bob V.