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Re: 3Com Superstack 4300 factory default reset

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3Com Superstack 4300 factory default reset

I have a couple of SS 4300 48 port switches that have been unused for several years. I now need to expand the network and want to use these rather than buying more switches. However, I have no record of how these were configured, no record of an assigned IP address, etc. so no way of confirming how they are configured. The do seem to generally work, but it appears with some ports disabled or set to 10Mb, etc. Rather than flying blind I want to either get access to the current configuration, or reset to factory defaults and start from scratch. I've done a quick scan of the Manual and don't see an obvious answer. Anyone know how to accomplish this?



Oliver Schulze L.
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Re: 3Com Superstack 4300 factory default reset

I think you can telnet to the serial port at the back of the switch. Then login with the default user/pass and issue a command to reset to default values.


I have done this in a 4500 switch, just read the pdf manual for instructions