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4200G network scalability and connectivity

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4200G network scalability and connectivity



we had a growing network, and now is just connected by a 4200G 48 ports switch and then distributes to the rest of the building by UTP cable and connected to Ovislink switches.


I want to substitute UTP by fiber connections and Ovislink switches by better ones.


I am considering to use 10 gigabit fiber connections .In our existing 4200G I am not sure about how many ports can I use with 10 gigabit fiber connections, I read it has 4 SFP ports and 2 10-gigabit slots.


Can I connect 4 switches to our existing switch by 10 gigabit fiber connections? Which kind of connection do you recommend? Which switches do you recommend to connect by fiber?


Thank you very much.


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David Fernandez.