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Re: 4210G - Aggregated Link VLAN issue

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4210G - Aggregated Link VLAN issue


We currently have a stack of 3870's, connected via an aggregated fibre link to a stack of 4210G's, which then have standalone 4210 PWR's connected to them, again over aggregated links. This all works fine, until we want to pass VLAN traffic through to the 4210G's or, in turn, the 4210 PWR's.


The configuration of the VLAN's on the 3870 is not a problem, as I am able to tag the Aggregated links.


The problem arrises when trying to configure the 4210G's, Within either Device>VLAN>Modify VLAN, or Device>VLAN>Modify Port, it is only possible to tag the individual ports, rather than the Aggregated links. If I tag the individual ports, this stops all network traffic from flowing.


Does anyone have any suggestions as to how to work around this issue?




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Re: 4210G - Aggregated Link VLAN issue

I do not have a 4200 series to verify, but on the 7700 I did it like this:

interface GigabitEthernet0/0/1
 port link-type trunk
 port trunk permit vlan all
 lacp enable

I have 7757 (core) connected to 3870's (edge).


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Re: 4210G - Aggregated Link VLAN issue

Hello everybody,

I have the same problem and need a solution.
The "port trunk permit vlan all" command tagged VLANs on all the selected trunk's? Can we say that it is a firmware problem? It runs an older version on this switch (5.20.R2208P03). It is a 24-port model without POE.