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Re: ACL difference between 5406 and 2620

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ACL difference between 5406 and 2620

I deploy quite a few 5406 switches and use extended ACLs to create a guest network.  I am trying to perform the same operation on a 2620 switch, however, I have noticed a difference in the available commands.  On the 5406, I create the ACL then change to the VLAN context to apply the ACL via 'ip access-group "GuestNetwork" in'.  When attempting to do the same on the 2620, the only option I can find is 'ip access-group "GuestNetwork" vlan'.  I've been combing through the security guide for both models and read through the ACL sections, but I cannot determine what the difference is between the commands.  Will both accomplish the same result?

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Re: ACL difference between 5406 and 2620

The 5400 is a fully-featured Layer-3 switch.

The 2620 is a cheapo switch that you shouldn't use for doing any routing. You could even ignore my last 4 words.