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Custom Privilege Levels - TACACS+ - Port Security

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Custom Privilege Levels - TACACS+ - Port Security

I'm not sure if I'm posting this in the correct "series." 


Our enterprise uses a wide range of ProCurve devices from 2610-24-PWR switches to 5412zl models.  Currently we use Cisco ACS 4.2 as the server to administer TACACS+ authentication to our devices.  I'd like to start creating accounts with only the ability to perform certain commands on the switches.


For example: I'd like to give the IT Helpdesk Techs the ability to manage port security.  Is there a list of privilege levels for ProCurve devices?  All I can find is "Level 15 is manager, Level 14 and below is Operator." 


Is that as granule as I can get with which commands they can run under any privilege level?