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Edgeswitch slow connection

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Edgeswitch slow connection

Hi all, 

I hope someone can help with something that I'm stugling with.

My current home setup:-

  • Virgin ISP Vivid 500mpbs. 
  • Ubiquiti USG [QOS off and only 1 V'LAN
  • Ubiquity 8 Port 150w POE switch 
  • Ubiquiti AP Pro's
  • New addition - Unif Edge Switch 16 POE. 

My set up without the new addition tested via 'Fast.Com' get circa 540mbps evenly around the house. If I replace the 8 Port 150w with new EdgeSwitch 16 POE I only get 40/50 mbps.

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Re: Edgeswitch slow connection

Hi! you wrote you experiencing a throghput cut passing from 500 Mbps to 50 Mbps in testing connectivity to Internet when you exchange a 8 ports PoE Gigabit Switch with 16 ports one...if so...what is the configuration difference between them? are there diagnostic differences on ports' or Switch settings? hard to tell without having a detailed and clear picture of your Network topology...but, most important thing, why you posted in a HPE Community forum for an issue which doesn't involve any HPE/Aruba/HP device? Doesn't Ubiquiti provide you any support?

I'm not an HPE Employee
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