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GRE over IPSec

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GRE over IPSec

I would like to know about some issue in GRE over IPsec.I configured one point to point GRE over IPsec tunnel.I would like to know if i want to configure other GRE tunnel to HUB without using IPsec,can i use this gre tunnel without encryption ? IPSec profile will drop new gre traffic (no used encryption) ?

 HUB router's outside interface only accepts encrypted traffic and IPSec profile applied in current router external interface so all the traffic coming in must match current IPSec profile.

Please see for example configuration

Eg. In hub router 


interface GigabitEthernet0/0/1 
ip address 
ipsec apply policy test


interface Tunnel1 mode gre 
mtu 1560 
ip address 
keepalive 3 3


ip route-static 32

acl number 3200 
rule 0 permit ip source 0 destination 0 
rule 20 permit gre source 0 destination 0

ipsec policy test 1 isakmp 
transform-set trans1 
security acl 3200 
ike-profile 1
ike profile 1 
certificate domain test1 
local-identity address 
match remote identity address 
proposal 1

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Re: GRE over IPSec

Dear all,

Let me know above configuration is IPSec or GRE over IPSec ?