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GVRP for static VLANs

Carlos M. Perez
Occasional Contributor

GVRP for static VLANs

I was hoping that GVRP would prevent us from having to manually create vlans on each of our switches.  However, it seems that GVRP does not allow us to view the vlans to statically assign them on a port by port basis.  For example, I have VLANS 50 and 99 created on the "commander" switch.  I have port 19 set to have both of the VLANS tagged.  I can see through the CLI the gvrp vlans on switch #2, but I can't seem to be able to assign ports to those vlans.    Any way to do this?  I tried using the CLI, but when I start with "vlan 50" it returns "dynamic VLANS cannot be configured manually".  Any other way of doing this?  i'm trying to set port 7 to vlan 50 untagged.  I don't have control of the server attached to port 7, but need to segregate this server across a few switches.  We're using 2 ProCruve 2848's running 10.32.  I'll be upgrading to 10.77, but I don't think that will change anything, as I've browsed through some of the upgrade notes, and haven't come across anything.




Jeff Carrell
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Re: GVRP for static VLANs

That is the downside to GVRP. Only way to get ports into GVRP assigned VLANs on downstream swtiches is via 802.1X dynamically assigned ports into VLANs.


So, not as cool a standard as it initially looks.


This is not an HP issue btw, it's how the standard is written.