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Re: HPE Altoline 6900 (JL23A) switch software

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HPE Altoline 6900 (JL23A) switch software

Hi folks.

I need to install an operating system in an HPE Altoline 6900 series switch. (Part No JL223-60001).
What options do I have to install? Is there any free network operating system compatible with this switch?

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Re: HPE Altoline 6900 (JL23A) switch software

HPE Altoline 6900 (your JL223A included) supports Open Network Install Environment (ONIE) (and here for an overview) is what is called a whitebox [*]; it, exactly through the preinstalled ONIE boot loader, is able to support various Network Operating Systems (NOS) such as Cumuls Linux of Cumulus [**], PICOS [***] of Pica8 and some more [****] given that its architecture is probably (Accton) Edge-core based [*****].

So...it's a matter of understanding what is the most suitable (and fully supported) option you're looking for...

[*] Read this illuminating presentation to understand why it can be considered as a whitebox=bare-metal=britebox=open network switch...if you already know that part of the story just skip it.

[**] Go to Cumulus Linux HCL then filter for Brand -> HPE thus your HPE Altoline 6900 will appear.

[***] PICOS documentation (I wasn't able to find an HCL).

[****] https://www.openswitch.net/ or https://opennetlinux.org/ or Open vSwitch.

[*****] Very similar (if not totally identical) to Edge-Core AS4610-54T.

Edit: added reference to this relevant YouTube video (Open vSwitch install on a HPE Altoline ONIE switch, Year 2016).

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