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How to View Memory Usage on HPE 2520-24G-PoE Switch (J9299A)

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How to View Memory Usage on HPE 2520-24G-PoE Switch (J9299A)

Hello All,


Our IMC has detected that one of our Switches, a 2520-24G, is running at 100% Memory Usage. If I view the switch in person the lights are lit up solidly. Traffic however seems to be operating normally; only around 4 ports are actually in use aside from the uplinks.


I've dabbled in HPE equipment in the past, but with respect of troubleshooting faults my experience is limited.


How would I go about detecting this fault? I can't find anything on the web that screams out to me a solution.


Any help or advice would be very much appreciated. This is my first post, so I aolpogise in advance if I've posted in the wrong place.


All the best,

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Re: How to View Memory Usage on HPE 2520-24G-PoE Switch (J9299A)

Through CLI there is a command to gather, among other things, switch's memory utilization: show system information


switch# show system information

 Status and Counters - General System Information

  System Name        : switch                                         
  System Contact     : IT-Group
  System Location    : IT-Site

  MAC Age Time (sec) : 300    

  Time Zone          : 60   
  Daylight Time Rule : Western-Europe            

  Software revision  : YC.16.10.0002        Base MAC Addr      : xxxxxx-xxxxxx    
  ROM Version        : YC.16.01.0002        Serial Number      : CNYYYYYYYY  

  Up Time            : 33 days              Memory   - Total   : 359,625,216 
  CPU Util (%)       : 12                              Free    : 257,753,744 

  IP Mgmt  - Pkts Rx : 602,999              Packet   - Total   : 6600        
             Pkts Tx : 601,678              Buffers    Free    : 4859        
                                                       Lowest  : 4845        
                                                       Missed  : 0 

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