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Issues with HPE 562SFP+ in Debian

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Issues with HPE 562SFP+ in Debian

We are seeing some strange issues with this card.
We are running Debian 8.7.

I know that this is an HPE branded card, but as far as I know this card should use the i40e driver under Linux.
I compiled the latest driver 2.0.19 found at sourceforge from Intel.



So the issues we are seeing..
First of all when the driver is loaded correctly and the interfaces turn up we do not get any traffic between the Debian server and the switch.
We don't even see the mac address on the switch in the remote end.


Sometimes when we boot the server the interface does not show at all, and some times only of them.I have noticed this error in kernel messages when this happen:

1.856937] i40e 0000:08:00.1: Initial pf_reset failed: -15

[    1.856939] i40e 0000:08:00.1: previous errors forcing module to load in debug mode


So what could be wrong? Are we using the wrong driver..
One of the problems here is that HPE does not provide any official drivers for Debian/Ubuntu....




/Jo Christian