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Loopback Prevention & Routing Cost

Hi all,

I will apologise in advance, my switch knowledge is limited, however with the aid of google I've manged to build  a new mixed switch configuration. I now have 2 things I would like assistance with, in the hope of it being the most efficent setup it can be. Hence my post to this support community.

Below is a link to my network diagram which I hope is self explanatory.

Network Topology

I would like assistance in configuring the links between each switch so that the costs/priority are configured accordingly and also loopback is prevented from occuring.

My biggest probelm is understanding the terminology used accross the 2 switch families as they differ.

If there are any flaws in my network topology I'd be very greatful to learn my mistakes and correct accordingly. My goal is to try to give all users the quickest method of getting around the network with the least amoung of hops.

Many thanks in advance.



Re: Loopback Prevention & Routing Cost

Hello Paul,
Please use below link for configuring layer 2  loops.

for further documentation on A5120 switches please refer below link for relevant configuration document. 

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Re: Loopback Prevention & Routing Cost

Hi @network_king,


Many thanks for your response. I have already read this documentation, however it doesn't actually assist with my initial question. Unfortunately my knowledge is not good enough to allow me to understand that setting my network up in the manner given in my example means applying x to particualr ports and y to other ports. The main thing I need assistance with is configuring just the ports that are being used to link all the actual switches together. ie do they need to be set as trunk, hybred or access points. Do they need MST/Storm Control enabeled on them and if so what's a good starting point is for the relevant paramters of those settings, etc etc

I'm pretty certain people with the relevant knowledge would find this very straight forward, again unfortunately my back ground is database programming not network switches.

Thankas again to any one who can supply any information/advice/suggestions.

Kind Regards