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Migrating config from Alcatel OS6850 to HPE 5710

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Migrating config from Alcatel OS6850 to HPE 5710


Is there a way (or even possible) to translate the config of an Alcatel OS6850 to a HPE5710? We run these as metro dist-switches and are now looking to replace them with HPE 5710.

I have no idea as to how HPE switches cli work or any cmd's in that environment but I am willing to learn.

Any pointers would be much appreciated.

Thank you.

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Re: Migrating config from OS6850 to HPE 5710

Hi and welcome into the HPE Community.

Unfortunately, as far as I know, there isn't a CLI "translation guide" (sort of Rosetta Stone) that would help you migrating from running configuration of your Alcatel OmniSwitch 6850 (running Alcatel-Lucent Operating System operating system) to a suitable running configuration running of your new HPE FlexFabric 5710 (running Comware 7 operating system).

Such guide exists for Cisco IOS, Comware and ArubaOS-CX/ArubaOS-Switch operating systems.

If I were you I will summarize the features you're required to migrate into the new scenario and then eventually post sanitized Alcatel OmniSwitch 6850 running configuration to understand if all (or some portions) can be directly translated into well known Comware 7 commands/configurations (a sort of CLI Reference Guide to CLI Reference Guide comparison done command by command and/or feature by feature).

I suggest you download and browse some HPE FlexFabric 5710 guides by looking at Hewlett Packard Enterprise Information Library portal (filter by Product -> Switches  and Models -> 5710, then order results from new to old, you will find a lot of good PDF and also corresponding HTML web pages for any type of configuration/reference manual).

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Re: Migrating config from OS6850 to HPE 5710


Unfortunately, there is no migration guide no migration tool for Alcatel-Comware migration. Actually we do not have such a tool for any vendor, there was a tool to migrate a config from Comware 5 to 7, but it is definitely not what you want

The Comware's CLI is very straightforward and if you have any experience with Cisco IOS or NX-OS CLIs, you will feel at home. Just use 'display' instead of 'show', 'quit' instead of 'exit', 'return' instead of 'end'. You will find very convenient perks, like 'display this' that shows configuration of the current context etc..

To make your learning process easier, let me recommend you an excellent guide that compares CLIs of Aruba-OS Switch, Comware 5/7 and Cisco IOS CLI - https://community.arubanetworks.com/aruba/attachments/aruba/Forum-Francais/357/1/ArubaOS-Switch,%20Comware%20and%20Cisco%20IOS%20CLI%20Reference%20Guide%20Version%203.3.pdf

Hope it helps!


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Re: Migrating config from OS6850 to HPE 5710

Thanks, this helps a lot!

I am actually pretty well versed in cisco IOS so if what you say is trye then I will not have the issue of re-learning a new CLI, sort of.

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Re: Migrating config from OS6850 to HPE 5710

Thank you for the response!

I will look up the features I would like to migrate and also post an "clean" config of how it looks today.

Its actually just the "VLAN Stacking" and other "ethernet-services" features on the 6850 I am worried about at this moment.

Thanks again!