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Re: NTP on 3Com Switch 3870


NTP on 3Com Switch 3870

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Is there a way to turn on NTP client on a 3Com Switch 3870?


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Re: NTP on 3Com Switch 3870

I believe this is actually an h3c switch, so these commands should apply:



Specify an NTP server for the device

ntp-service unicast-server {ip-address | server-name } [authentication-keyid keyid |priority | source-interfaceinterface-type interface-number| version number ] *


No NTP server is specified by 



l          In the ntp-service unicast-server command, ip-address must be a unicast address, rather than a broadcast address, a multicast address or the IP address of the local clock.

l          A device can act as a server to synchronize the clock of other devices only after its clock has been synchronized. If the clock of a server has a stratum level higher than or equal to that of a client’s clock, the client will not synchronize its clock to the server’s.

l          You can configure multiple servers by repeating the ntp-service unicast-servercommand. The clients will choose the optimal reference source.






Also, you might be able to access the backdoor in these switches,




which seems to have an SNTP command.


Easy access to backdoor password:



Re: NTP on 3Com Switch 3870



This is a former 3Com Superstack 3, not exactly a former H3C - those would be the ones you see mostly in the A-Series. I don't think the ntp-service command would work here.


Regardless I haven't been able to find any documentation at all about configuring (S)NTP on these switches.


The "Management Reference Guide" which seems to list all the available options in the CLI and Web interface, but there is not a single reference to NTP or anything related (not in the other manuals either)



I did find some datasheet that seems to indicate it supports SNTP, but I'm starting to suspect (considering it doesn't seem to have real logging either) that perhaps they didn't include it since there is no need for the switch to have the time configured, but I could be wrong here. Is there any particular reason you're looking to configure it though?


The backdoor link is interesting, and perhaps it could let you set the time like that, worth a try if you need it.

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