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Re: Newbie - basics for 4000M Procurve

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Newbie - basics for 4000M Procurve


I acquired an old 4000M they were giving away at work. I have it installed as my switch at the moment. How do I configure it? I looked at the documentation but I am not quite getting it. I have reset the router via its button on the front. I am trying to use the web interface. My router is showing an unknown device on the network. I tried to access the switch in my browser (Chrome) but it is returning nothing. Any advice? Thanks.

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Re: Newbie - basics for 4000M Procurve

I have several of the 4000M switches in my home and love them. Just a point of clarification, this is a switch, not a router. It will let you connect many devices to a single LAN, but will not connect together multiples LANs.

First do a factory reset as noted in the manual 59676916.pdf on page 46:
1. Press both reset and clear
2. Continue to press clear wile releasing reset
3. When the self-test LED begins to flash, release the clear button

After that, either connect via serial to the DB9 connector, or connect via telnet or the web to the switch's IP address (if you can get the IP address).